Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tibetan, Yi and Pumi women in Jiulong

Jiulong ladies, originally uploaded by jiulong.

In Jiulong there are many "minorities". Most are Yi people, but there are also substantial numbers of Tibetans and Pumi people. here you can see the local social club gathered on the steps of some of the high street shops.


chell-belle said...

how are you able to tell which minority groups they're a part of? their clothing?

mutikonka said...

Sometimes it's the clothing. Yi women wear the most bizarre mortar-board like hats and have brightly colored pleated skirts, for example. But usually it's just from knowing that you're in a particular ethnic area. In China, the villages and towns often announce what minority they are. Near Muli, for example, there are a lot of "Mongol" villages, a 1000km from Mongolia. The people are descendents of Kublai Khans 14th century expeditions to the area!
Often it's just a case of talking to people and they will tell you "I am Pumi" or whatever.