Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Update on additions

I am slowly adding pics to illustrate the story below about my trip to Mt Mutikonka and the Yalong Canyon. I will also shortly be posting some more pics of Joseph Rock's travels in Sichuan and Yunnan - thanks to having a new Flickr upload quota for January. At some point I will get around to explaining how Joseph Rock's travels inspired much of the novel Lost Horizon and the notion of Shangri La

In the meantime, if you just want to see recent photos of Muli, Gongga Shan, Deqin and Yading with no info, there are lots more posted at:


By the way, in response to various questions, these pictures were mostly taken with a Leica M3 [with foggy Summicron lens], a Yashica T5, and a Leica IIIa with a Summar lens or an Olympus XA for the Mutikonka pics.

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Prince Roy said...

The theme of your site is a great idea. I've always been fascinated by Dr. Rock,and I look forward to what you discover.