Sunday, December 19, 2004

World's first picture of Mt Mutikonka (麦地贡嘎), China

Yes, an exclusive. Nobody has ever published a photo of Mt Mutikonka (麦地贡嘎) before. That's because I was only the second person to ever see it [the first went on a rainy day in 1929 - not good enough for photos]

A 19,000 foot high mountain on the edge of the Yalong canyon in Sichuan, China, Mutikonka is the sacred yak spirit mountain to the local Pumi Tibetans. The lake is called ChangHaizi and is reputed to contain a Loch Ness style monster.

I sent a copy of this pic to the National Geographic but they weren't interested. So you can enjoy it here instead.

For the full story see the post below

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