Monday, September 21, 2020

Excluded from Yunnan. Feels like Likiang 1949 ...

What with the pandemic and the looming conflict between the western powers and China, it feels like I won't be seeing Yunnan or Sichuan for a while. Hope it's not like Joseph Rock's situation in 1949 when he was forced to fly out of Lijiang - and leave China - at short notice forever because of the Communist takeover, and spent the rest of his life in the US, pining for the mountains of Yunnan ... OK I'm not THAT obsessed with the place, but it did make for a cheap and interesting place to visit with plenty of adventure and nice food ... and not too many other foreign tourists.

Watch this space.


John Holmes said...

“, interesting and nice food...with few other visitors...”

Yes, agreed. Here in Hong Kong, China will be one of the first places we open up to - but when ?

Sorry to read that your Government is talking about staying isolated throughout 2021.

Will it be stop/start lockdowns for 2- 3 years ? We’ll all be crazy by then !

mutikonka said...

We've been told unofficially not to expect any overseas travel until 2022. So I bought myself a kayak and will be exploring Australia's lake rivers and bays for a while!