Saturday, September 10, 2016

Update to "Trekking partners wanted" post for Kawakarpo exploratory visit

Just to say that the trek is still on for the first week in October. I've had a few people asking, but nobody definitely confirmed yet. I think some may have been put off by how difficult I made it sound. To be clear, I don't expect it to be an extreme trek. Based on my last visit to this trail two year ago, I'm banking on the weather being mild and the trek being along reasonable paths that have shelters along the way. I'm taking a tent along as a backup, and also a stove, but don't expect to be using either for much of the trip. I'll be taking Diamox for the altitude and also plan to be walking at an easy pace. For food I will just be taking some fangbian mian and a few snacks. After my recent experience with horrible dehydrated trekking meals, I think this is way better (and a lot cheaper).

Will post an itinerary soonish.

Meanwhile, here's a pic I took from where I expect to be on Day 2: the Shola pass, at about 5000m. As you can see it's family friendly.

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