Monday, October 20, 2014

Just returned from a crossing of the She-La and Sho-La

Just completed a successful and most excellent hike from the Mekong to the Salween (Nujiang) and back via the She-La pass (East to West) and Sho-La pass (West to East). This meant  I had to sneak into Tibet from Bingzhongluo to Chawalong to join the Kawakarpo kora half way at Abing. I did this by getting a motorbike after dark, when in theory the police checkpoint was closed (it was actually still open, but more of that later).
As you can see from this picture of the She-La, the weather was ideal around the 1 Oct holiday period, and I had the trail to myself. The picture shows the view down to the west into the Sewalongba valley. The route goes down into the valley and then continues up the ridge through the forest to the centre left to the Balagong La pass.

The full route was:

Stage 1 (East-West)

Deqin - Cizhong
Cizhong - pre-SheLa basin
SheLa crossing to Sewalongba valley
Sewalongba - Balagong pass
Balagong pass - Baihanluo - Dimaluo
Dimaluo - Nujiang road - Bingzhongluo

Stage 2 (West - East)

Bingzhongluo - Abing (via Qiunatong)
Abing - Chawalong (checkpoint) - Tangdu La pass
Tangdu La pass - Gebu
Gebu - Dagu La pass
Dagu La pass - Laide
Laide - camp above Laide
Laide high camp - ShoLa pass
ShoLa pass - Meilishi (trail end at Mekong)

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