Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Rest stops on the Kawa Karpo kora

One of the good (or bad) things about the Kawa Karpo kora is that you don't need to be self sufficient and pack a load of food and camping gear. It is quite possible to do the circuit with just a minimum of gear (a sleeping bag and your toothbrush) if you're prepared to doss down with the masses in the sheds at the rest stops. These are dotted along the way at regular intervals - usually four or so hours between each one, some are closer together. They usually have a little store like the one pictured here where you can buy a limited selection of drinks and noodles. I reckon they're only open during the pilgrimage season  don't blame if you turn up in February and find they're all shut.
(PS Like the Rolleiflex?)

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