Saturday, November 02, 2013

Oh dear, not a good trip ...

 Just back from Sichuan where I spent three weeks doing not very much and seeing even less. I'd planned to do the outer kora around the three peaks at Yading but unfortunately the weather was poor and the guides refused to even try go out. They said the snow was too deep on the passes and they would not risk their horses or themselves. I then reverted to Plan B, to re-visit the Gongga Shan range. Again the weather was poor - as you can see from this pic taken at the Gongga gompa. Heavy snow and no views due to the weather being socked in by cloud and mist. I did prove one thing, however - Joseph Rock's claim that this monastery is cut off from the outside world for six months of the year due to heavy snow is just rubbish. We made it over one of the less know passes (Yulongxi Yakou, due east of the usual Tsemi La) in deep snow - no probs. Ah well - lesson learnt: don't go trekking to Sichuan after Golden Week!

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Anonymous said...

Reading about Joespeh F Rock's 1924 trek fhrough Central China to the Anme Machin Range in Tibet( fascinating read). Great blogg! Your commentary and photography are excellent. I received a massive collection of very old books, including the 1925 NGS hardcover that I am currently reading (with Rock's sfory).

Stay safe and keep on Trekking!

Travis L Short
Calgary, Alberta, Canada