Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random photo: Tibetan 'beautiful daughters' at Wuxu Hai

On my quest to find the 'lost' peak of Muti Konka I stopped off at the scenic lake of Wuxu Hai near Jiulong (a day's drive south of Kangding). Here is an extract from my account of the visit:

"Up a dirt road some 25km to the north west of Jiulong was Wuxu Hai (lake), situated at the foot of some grey limestone peaks known as the 12 Beautiful Daughters. Joseph Rock had passed through this area, but despite his reputation for meticulous recording of every peak and minor geographical feature, he makes no mention in his article or maps of the picturesque lake.
Wuxu Hai was an idyllic spot, a mile-long expanse of water surrounded by peaks and wooded hillside. I spent spend a pleasant day there by the lakeside watching the weather changing around the peaks higher up the valley. The local Tibetans lived in log cabins around the shore and I was the guest of one family whose daughters were eager to dress up in their Tibetan robes for the camera."

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