Sunday, May 20, 2012

Radja monastery, Qinghai: 1925 and 2012

I'm now in the process of writing up my chapter on Choni and Radja monasteries, comparing what I saw and experienced with Joseph Rock's account of his 1925-26 expedition as described in "Seeking the Mountains of Mystery" in the National Geographic (Feb 1930). It took him four years between visit and write up - I hope to be a little more timely than that.


Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with 'The Paper Road' by Erik Mueggler.It's looking at Joseph Rock and George Forrest's explorations and their cultural interactions with their Naxi workers.It's more anthroplogy than botany or geography, but there is a lot of food for thought about the meaning of exploration. You can see some reviews on Amazon.Oh, and thank you for such a photogenic and fascinating blog! From Lyndon

mutikonka said...

Haven't seen that Lyndon, but it sounds interesting! cheers