Monday, July 26, 2010

Joseph Rock memorial gate, near Muli/Yading (picture by Dave Turner)

Just been sent this pic by mountain biker extraordinaire Dave Turner, who is currently riding somewhere between Muli and Yading. This shows a plinth to commemorate Joseph Rock and seems to say something like "Rock's 900 li (kilometre) key to enter Shangri-La" You can follow Dave's travels at

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Anonymous said...

hi Michael,

Sorry if this comment is not related to the photograph, please remove it when you have read it.

I am Italian and work in London as a Landscape Designer.
I am currently undertaking research about Joseph Rock and his expeditions in China in the 1920’s. The focus of my research is the influence that Joseph Rock, as a plant hunter, has had on modern botany and horticulture.

I am interested in some of the pics you posted on this blog, both modern and old images.

Could you please give me an email address where i can contact you?
thank you very much!