Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A taster of what's to come ...

Got about ten rolls of 120 film scanned now and some of the pictures are really impressive, even though I say it myself. This is one of the poor ones - I took it of Jambeyang, Yading, with the Rolleicord and Ektachrome. I had to wait ages in the freezing cold to get a glimpse of the peak through the ever-shifting clouds. Interesting to compare it to the Rock picture taken in the same place in 1928. In the modern picture you can see the ugly concrete track for the golf buggy 'bullet train' recently installed for visitors by the park management in the left of the picture. In the middle you can just make out the tents and huts of the Luorong grazing pasture, where official guides will now charge you 300 kuai to ride a donkey up to the lakes, an hour away.

Konkaling - Jambeyang

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