Monday, February 15, 2010

Countdown to doing the Yading Kora

I'm heading off back to Yading in May to try do the 'big' kora (circuit) of the three scared mountains, Chanadorje, Jambeyang and Shenrezig. On my last visit, five years ago, I did the inner [tourist] circuit in two days. This time it will be a five-seven day trip, going round the back (eastern) side of Chanadorje and Jambeyang. I'll be following the route of a guy called Lloyd Raleigh, who describes his trip here. I'm now working out how much stuff I should take - tent, food etc, trying to keep things to a minimum.
My plan is to leave from Chengdu on May 8th and go via Kangding-Litang-Daocheng to Yading. I'm looking for a trekking partner, so if you are interested and have a couple of weeks to spare, let me know.

Trek update - it's on. I'll be trekking with another Aussie. I think a party of two is about right. Watch this space!


Lizzie G. said...

Tasha Delek,
I am completely inspired by your blog and your upcoming trek. Should I win the lottery, I will join you in May as a trek partner!
I lived in China in 1999 and traveled west to Yunnan, Szechuan, Gansu, and Xinjiang. I returned to Yunnan again in 2007. It is a special journey you are embarking upon. Thank you for posting it.
I look forward to following your blog.

mutikonka said...

Thanks Lizzie! Yes, it's a great trek and I'm looking forward to doing it with an Aussie guy who 'has form' in this area.

Anonymous said...

The trek looks fantastic and like Lizzy, I'm a wee bit jealous! I'm an Aussie living in Qinghai, China, but tied down with work and study at the moment. I be keen to hear how the trek goes... maybe I'll have time in the not-too-distant-future...

mutikonka said...

Watch for the write-up and photos here some time in June!