Saturday, June 06, 2009

Back to the Salween/Nujiang ...

The last trip with my Rolleiflex over Christmas was to the Catholic communities of the Nujiang in Yunnan. Joseph Rock visited these places in the 1920s, and described one mission station (Bahang/Baihanluo) as "the loveliest that I know". I wil post more pictures soon, when they are developed.
For now, here are the then and now pictures of Baihanluo/Bahang:
In 1925:
Baihanluo (Bahang mission station), Yunnan

And at Christmas 2008:

Baihanluo, Yunnan


karen said...

I've discovered your blog and it is a tremendous inspiration for a trip I plan to take later this year. I've started to make lists, print maps, read through and, etc. I have enough sketched out for 6 months wandering in northwest yunnan province alone. Is it possible to extend a tourist visa mutiple times?
thank you,

mutikonka said...

Hi Karen

Hope you have a good trip. I have a few maps posted here and on my flickr site (name jiulong). Not sure about how often/how long you can extend a tourist visa for ... though there is a place on Beijing Lu in Kunming that i know does this.

Watch this space for more pics and maps.

Barry said...

Looks like a mini population explosion has taken place?

Unknown said...

For those who may read french, please visit: