Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tha happy snapper's 'traveling light' kit for China

This is what I'm taking for my next 4 week winter trip to SW China and Tibet, starting on 12 Dec: Mont Nadgee sleeping bag, about 72 rolls of Ektachrome slide film for Rolleicord and Leicas, plus books, diary, sunies etc. Too much already - I may not bother with the thermarest and bivvy bag. Doesn't include the kit I'll be wearing - ie boots, hat, fleece, raincoat, etc. The plan is to start in kangding and retrace some of the previous routes ans see Minya Konka (Gongga Shan), Mutikonka (Maidi Gangga and Sanyanlong and the Yalong canyon near Jiulong), then on via Muli and Warizhen to to Yading (Konka Risumgompa) and finally down to Lijiang. Plan B is to just go to the Nujiang river again like last year.


Duca Minimo said...

hey Michael,

looks like a fun trip ...
I'm based in Chengdu and have vacation from end of Dec. until Feb.
- very interested in learning more about Rock and plan on being around Lijiang/Kangding during the break,
- also an experienced adventurer/photographer

let me know if there's a cahnce to catch up,
travel well,

mutikonka said...

Hi Mark

I will hopefully be arriving in Chengdu around the 12-13th and staying in the Traffic (Jiaotong) Hotel if it's still there. No definite plan as yet - but Plan A is to try return to Jiulong county south of Kangding and visit the mountain called Muti Konka, which I saw a couple of years ago (see previous posts on It's a Pumi/Tibetan area near Wuxu Hai.

Other possibilities are a side triip to Gongga Shan and even a trek right over to Yading, time permitting ...

All depends on the weather and access, I guess. Plan B is to revisit the sunny Nujiang - lovely weather down there this time of year.

Maybe we could meet up for a beer in Chengdu


mutikonka AT