Thursday, January 03, 2008

On the road to Tsarung

This is the crude road along the Nu river (Nujiang, or the Salween as Rock called it), from Bingzhongluo to Chawalong (Tsarung). I will write more of my trip when I get back to Australia. I also have plenty of other material to publish including new photos and info from Yongning.


Philou said...

Hi again!

don't miss this article on

it will interest you.

full disclosure: they chose a picture of my supergirlfriend (who happens to work about eco-tourism for an NGO in Yunnan) to illustrate :-)

mutikonka said...

Thanks Philippe - I will post more Nujiang stuff here soon.

John Holmes said...

Hi Michael,

Enjoyed your "Up the Nujiang" post, I'd toyed with the idea of going up there for some birdwatching, but the hills look pretty bare.

Smoky rooms and rubbish TV, yes, that's a familiar scene !

mutikonka said...

Thanks John,

The lower part of the river is "greener" and the hills have more vegetation. And of course we travelled in winter when everything looks much more bare. The problem is, as you know, that in summer it is the rainy season.