Sunday, September 30, 2007

Minya Konka trek - latest news

It's been many years since I did the Minya Konka trek. If you want to know what conditions are like now, try the ongoing blog by Amy West, who has blogged so far of her scary trip over a snowbound Gyazi La. She is trekking with a guide from a company called GeoEx and is accompanied by the daughter of Arthur Emmons, one of the first climbers to ascend Minya Konka.

The blog is Amy West Needs Medication

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Leigh Russell said...

Hi Michael
I am really in awe of your adventures! Amazing photos. Is that one of your children with you in front of those intimidating beautiful gates in Beijing?
All my adventures are fictional, I'm afraid. I sit at home and write..... Do you read crime fiction at all? In a very English setting, would my stories of violent crimes make you feel nostalgic for England? I don't know when you left the UK,but things seem to be deteriorating, if we can believe all we read in the papers... Perhaps I'll stick to ficion!