Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hiker missing around Gongga Shan

clem, originally uploaded by jiulong.

An experienced hiker, Andrew "Clem" Lindenmayer, has been missing since 2 May after setting off to hike around Gongga Shan from Kangding. Clem is a well known Lonely Planet hiking guide author, and according to reports in the Chinese press, he has not been heard of since sending emails expressing his intention to hike around the mountain on 2 May.
If you have any information contact the local PSB or

855 12 900 910 or 1343 899 4929

Or the Sichuan Mountaineering Association: 028-8558 8047 13981873321

And more bad news from the area, with reports of 12 people killed and 3000 homeless after floods and mudslides caused by torrential rain in Jiulong county last week.

The rainy season means it is not a good time to be travelling in the footsteps of Joseph Rock, whether it be Kangding, Jiulong or Muli.
Jiulong mudslides:

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