Sunday, April 10, 2005

Shenrezig: the classic view

Shenrezig pic2, originally uploaded by mutikonka1.

This is the view we should have seen from just above Chonggu Si. But as you can see from my previous pics, we had cloud and snow!

A bit of background about the "Three Peaks" of Konka Risumgongba: the name in Tibetan means "Our sacred protective mountain where the snow will never melt". The peaks are Shenrezig [Xiannairi in Chinese], 6032 m; Jambeyang [Yangmaiyong in Chinese], 5958m; and Chanadordje [Xiannuoduojie in Chinese], 5958m [coincidence?]. The collective name for these peaks is Sanhuzu Snow Mountain, and they rank 11th among the 24 sacred places of Buddhism is the world. They were first described by the 8th century Padmasambhava, who named them after the three Buddhist deities Avalokitesvara, Manjusris and Vajrapani. Since then Tibetans have believed that a pilgrimage to these mountains is a desire of all Buddhists. Apparently, making three visits to these mountains confers the same virtues as that accrued by reciting the Mani scripture 100 million times! Likewise, 15 visits to the Chonggu temple will give you equal virtue. You get bonus points if you do this in the Year of the Chicken.

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