Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hiring a guide at Lao Yulin [老榆林]

lao yulin, originally uploaded by jiulong.

From Kangding a took a motorbike taxi out to the hot springs at Lao Yulin, about 5km west of town up a scrappy valley. You could just make out some of the Minya Konka peaks from here. I walked past a derelict textile factory - where some people were still living in the ruins, and then along the main dirt road through the village of Lao Yulin. It was here that folk came out of their houses and asked if I wanted to ride a horse and hire a guide. I did, and on my initial trip hooked with a great guy called Gerler, whose house this is. On my second trip it was with a much less reliable fellow called Gong Xianyao.

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