Saturday, April 09, 2005

From Shuiluo (水洛) to Yading (亚丁) via Garu (嘠洛)

Garu Tibetans, originally uploaded by mutikonka1.

These are some of the proud Tibetan villagers that Rock met at the village of Garu, adjacent to the Konkaling peaks. Quite unlike the cringeing Muli subjects, he decribed them as arrogant, similar in appearance to Apache Indians.
For comparison, here are some typical Muli [Pumi?] subjects, docile and deferential. Vertical stripes for the women, horizontal for the men:

muli subjects

Khampa man.
garu school
Tibetan children at Garu, 2004

garu kids
Garu kids, 2004.

Here are some more pictures of Garu and the Shuiluo river valley. They are not mine, but were posted on a Chinese language internet chat site about Yading trekking. I don't know the photographer's real name

He has posted them under the name of "backpacker" [背包沉] here. There are also some from "Hangzhou K" [杭州小K] here.

There are lots of large photos on the first link, and the page takes an age to load. He describes a trip he and friends did from Shuiluo to Yading. Here are some samples and a map of the trip from Muli to Yading via Garu:
Muli Map: from Shuiluo to Garu

shuiluo he3
Shuiluo river.

shuiluo he

Shuiluo river valley
Shuiluo river.


Shuiluo valley
Off the Shuiluo river.


hills near garu
Hiss near Jinkuang.



yaka pass2
Over the Yaka Pass to Yading.
Yaka pass
Hut on the Yaka Pass.
Yading valley
Walking track down to Yading.

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