Sunday, March 13, 2005

Scenes from Muli, then an now

Looking up to Muli from the Litang river, 1927.
muli from below
The same view today.

A view along the Litang river valley near Muli, 1927.
litang river
Litang river valley 2004.
muli road
Litang river valley last year.
wachang to muli
A contemporary view of the Litang river valley looking from Wachang towards the monastery [hidden]

A corner of the rebuilt monastery and the remains of the old one.

The holiest place: the upper temple of Muli in 1928, which was the personal shrine of the ruler of Muli.

A cantilever bridge over the Litang river below Muli.
muli bridge
Modern bridge in the same spot over the Litang river, 2004.
Muli today

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