Thursday, February 24, 2005

The road to Muli: over the Gibboh pass

road to muli, originally uploaded by mutikonka1.

This is the jeep track that twists over the Gibboh pass from Wujiao to Muli. It goes the long way round, and it's actually quite a bit quicker to go on foot along the valley bottom to avoid all the switchbacks. But then you get a super big climb at the end of the day over that lump of rock you can see on the horizon.

On this picture if you look carefully you can see the road zig-zagging over the pass. My, that was a big walk. And somehow, on my first trek to Muli I managed to do it all in a day. I must have been fit in those days!

Forest huts near Muli
On the way up to the pass during my second trip - in the wet season - I was guided through the valley by a man from Wujiao. Here are some of the huts [unoccupied] that we paused at before ascending to the Gibboh Pass.
Muli porter2
My guide and porter.

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