Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"It was a precarious situation": Joseph Rock on Nyorophu, 1924

nyorophu, originally uploaded by mutikonka.

Here is the grand explorer, living in style on the island of Lugu Lake after being pursued by angry robbers from Konkaling (Yading) who blamed his visit for disastrous hailstorm that ruined their crops:

"When I reached [Yongning] I learned to my consternation that the ferries across the Yangtze had been smashed and that it would be impossible for us to continue to our Nashi village of Nguluko. The reason was that 8,000 rebe;swho had planned to take the capital of Yunnan had been driven west and now occupied Youngning territory.

So for two months I remained marooned on an island in Youngning Lake, threatened by the Konkaling bandist from the northwest and the rebel forces from the south. It was a precarious situation."

Here is a more recent picture of a smaller restored building by yingzhao:

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