Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Pumi people have doctors now

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In 1929 Joseph Rock's passed through the remote Yangwe Kong valley and made these comments about the health of the local Pumi people:
"Whenever we came to a village the peasants would gather about
us and with folded hands would beseech me to dispense medicine to
sick relatives. Often I could help. Sometimes I had to refuse"

In 2004, on our way through the same valley, we paused briefly at a village called Sanyanlong where there were
a couple of stores, a clinic and a sizeable, neat Chinese-style
school. The students flocked out to see us, and Wang, being director
of education went in to make a quick visit.
I popped my head into the clinic, a simple treatment room where a
demur female doctor in a white coat was inserting an IV drip into a
woman's arm. "Conditions here are very poor," she said

At least now they had a clinic.

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