Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Porter 2003

porter2, originally uploaded by mutikonka1.

This is the feller I employed to carry my bag and act as guide, adviser and umbrella carrier on the way from Yongning to Muli in 2003.

He is a Mosuo and comes from Wujiao, and called himself by his Chinese surname of Yang.

Actually I hired another guy for 300 kuai, who immediately subcontracted the job to this poor chap who only got 150 RMB!

Here he is sitting overlooking the Muli (Litang river) valley, just after we crossed the Gibbo Pass. We had just pulled off all our leeches (Xuechong) when I took this picture.

He was a nice bloke and I felt sorry for him and bought him a new pair of shoes when we reached Muli. Bloody expensive they were too - 120 kuai. Ungrateful git, he then nicked all my food when he left to go back to Wujiao.

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