Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Minya Konka monastery in the 1990s

gongga gompa, originally uploaded by jiulong.

This is the Gongga Gompa, the tiny lamasery perched above a glacier at the foot of the 7556m high Minya Konka or Gongga Shan.
Absolutely beautiful spot - and with great views of the mountain when it is clear - apparently. According to Joseph Rock it is cut off for about 3 months of the year by snows on the Tsemi La.

It can be reached from Kangding in a three day horse trek via Lao Yulin, overnight near Djesi La, the overnight at Yulongxi and via the Tsemi La. Try it!

Additional info [added 25/3/2005, from Tibetan Footprint guide by Gyurme Dorje]: The Gonga Gompa is a monastery of the Karma Kagyu school, with 20 monks [although I saw only three or four in residence]. The assembly hall contains images of White Tara, and Marpa flanked by Milarepa and Gampopa, and the present incumbent lama the Sixth Gangkar Rinpoche, who is currently studying in Bir near Dharamsala, India.

[The top picture was taken by my trekking companion, kiwi Keith Lyons]

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