Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Kangwo Shan (抗窝山)

Kangwo Shan, originally uploaded by mutikonka.

A pass of about 4000 metres between Jiulong [九龙]and the Yangwe Kong valley.

This was another mountain pass that Rock had crossed with great difficulty:

"We had already been informed at Deon Gomba, a tiny monastery recently looted by the Konkaling bandits, that the Druderon although not high, was snowed in and hence impassable. With an exhausted caravan it seemed hopeless."

The following morning when I looked out of my tent and beheld our camp almost buried and our animals shivering in the cold, I really feared for the shelterless men who had stayed behind with the exhausted mules. I also feared for the two of our soldiers who had braved the pass the evening before. They were to go to [Jiulong] to bring us yaks, which could plough a trail through the deep snow and help us across. The snowstorm continued for a short time; then the sun appeared. This was the last day of April, 1929.

In 2004, we were lucky to have clear weather and a car with a good driver.

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