Sunday, December 12, 2004

Jambeyang 1928

Jambeyang 1928, originally uploaded by mutikonka1.

This is one of the three holy peaks of Konkaling - the range known then as Konka Risumgonba. It was visited and circumabulated by Joseph Rock in the late 1920s in the face of opposition from the local bandits. According to Rock, there was a small temple situated at the base of these three peaks, which housed a band of robbers who were also monks! hence his title: "Holy Mountain of the Outlaws".
Anyone who ventured within the realm of these forbidden mountains would be robbed shot dead by Trashi and his gang - "the scum of the outlaws" as Rock described them when he came face to face with them on his expedition. Rock survived the enounter because he had sought safe passage from the Muli king, who was the one person these rogues would respect.
I will post pictures of the other two mountains - Shenrezig and Chanadorje, when I have time.

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