Friday, May 28, 2010

Yading outer kora - we did it!

Just back from the trip to Yading, where we completed the outer kora, or circuit. It was a lot tougher than I expected, especially the walking at high altitude (4000+ metres). We followed the route suggested by Lloyd Raleigh at his travel blog, but we found the going very hard in the wintery and icy conditions of mid May. We learned that the best time to do the kora would be October, as most of the potential local guides are away in May looking for the lucrative caterpillar fungus (congcao). Anyway, we managed to complete the trip and saw many of the sights described by Joseph Rock, such as the cave stupa, Rocks rock and the scree slopes at the back of Chanadorje.
I will post more pix and a more detailed route description starting from next week.

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