Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chongding Catholic church, Bingzhongluo

I'm on the Nujiang river, following in Rock's footsteps throught the communities of Lisu and Nu people in NW Yunnan. I have my 8 year old son with me so won't be doing anything much adventurous.

Lonely grave, Bingzhongluo

Lonely grave, Bingzhongluo, originally uploaded by jiulong.

This is the grave of Pere Genestier, the French missionary priest who gave Rock shelter during his Mekong-Salween trip that he described in "Through the Great River Trenches of Asia".

Along the Nujiang river, Yunnan

Along the Nujiang river, Yunnan, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Bingzhongluo, Yunnan

Bingzhongluo, Yunnan, originally uploaded by jiulong.

First bend of Nujiang river, Bingzhongluo, Yunnan