Monday, October 30, 2006

A video of Chongu Si (temple) at Yading (Konkaling)

This is a video I took about three years ago of a monk chanting at the tiny Chonggu temple at the Yading nature area in Sichuan. These three sacred peaks are the ones that Joseph Rock referred to as the Konkaling or Konka Risumgomba peaks.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lamsa celebrate the ascension of Tsongkapa at Choni (Jone) Gansu

Public market at Labrang monastery (Xiahe)

Joseph Rock with the Prince of Choni

Axili Prince's cave - near Lijiang

Baiyue temple, Lijiang

Baiyue temple, Lijiang, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Yufeng temple decoration of Gemaba, Lijiang

Tsemoling incarnation decalred by 13th Dalai Lama

Lamas sun the Buddha at Choni [Jone] Gansu

Tibetan, Nu and Naxi porters carry Joseph Rock's gear at the Sila pass, NW Yunnan, between the Mekong and Salween (Nujiang) rivers

Salween (Nujiang) river, Yunnan

Salween (Nujiang) river, Yunnan, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Two of Joseph Rock's "Naxi boys" back from a succesful hunting trip

Naxi boy with the head of a blue sheep

Rock's expedition near Choni, Gansu

Rock near Lijiang, returning from his journey to Konkaling (Yading)

Choni prince Yang Chi-ching

Choni prince Yang Chi-ching, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Two unmarried Naxi girls with married woman (right)

Moslem of old Taochow, Gansu

Moslem of old Taochow, Gansu, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Naxi men with their barrows en route to Gaba from Lijiang

Naxi girls in Lijiang with market baskets

Naxi brides in rented Chinese bridal gowns

Likiang market, 1920s

Likiang market, 1920s, originally uploaded by jiulong.

North end of Lijiang, 1920s

North end of Lijiang, 1920s, originally uploaded by jiulong.

And here's a more recent picture I took of the same area:

Joseph Rock's expedition caravan in a Yunnan village

New video of a trip from Daocheng to Litang.

After my visit to Yading in 2003 (the Konkaling peaks of Dr Joseph Rock's 1920s travels) we took a jeep and bus back to Kangding, via Litang. This video shows some of the sights along the way, including the Rabbit mountain "Tuzi Shan" and the monks at a lunch time truck stop near Litang.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gomba, Tibetan nomad, by Joseph Rock, 1929

Gomba, Tibetan nomad, originally uploaded by jiulong.

81-year old Living Buddha of Dzangar monastery

Lamas assemble at Choni (Jone), Gansu, 1927

Village girl at Choni (Jone), Gansu, 1928

Tibetan nomads, Gansu, 1927

Tibetan nomads, Gansu, 1927, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Butter sculptures at Choni, Gansu, 1927

Tibetan nomads east of Kokonar

Tibetan nomads east of Kokonar, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Nguluko, near Lijiang, Yunnan

Nguluko, near Lijiang, Yunnan, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Butsang Ngolok chief with his wife

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lijiang market, 1928

Lijiang market, 1928, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Yi woman in market near Yanyuan, Sichuan

Yongning monastery, 1928

Yongning monastery, 1928, originally uploaded by jiulong.

Yongning monastery 2004

Yongning monastery 2004, originally uploaded by jiulong.