Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Muli king in B&W - by Joseph Rock

Muli king, originally uploaded by jiulong.

So this may the last post for a while - on Friday I will travelling to Chengdu, then on to 'Konkaling' (Yading) by bus, via Kangding, Litang and Daocheng. Hope to be at Yading by Wed 12th May, from where we (me and Peter from Geelong) hope to do a large circuit [kora] of Chandorje, Jambeyang and Shenrezig. This will be repeating Joseph Rock's visit of 1925, but doing it backwards -starting from the Chonggu Monastery, which was the furthest point he reached on his trip from Muli in the east.
We're expecting the trip to take five to six days of actual walking, and that means a lot of food has to be carried as we will be up at 4000 metres with no places of residence, let alone villages en route.
I'll be taking my Rolleicord medium format camera, and I hope to capture some nice images of the peaks, weather permitting. I will also be bringing my trusty Leica M2 for 35mm prints - and a little Nikon 35Ti point and shoot camera for slides. So watch this space - I will try post some updates along the way - but the great internet firewall may not allow me to do much, seeing as it blocks blogspot.
Joseph Rock at Konkaling

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