Saturday, July 16, 2016

East of the Himalaya Mountain Peak Maps: Tamotsu Nakamura

I just got one of these limited edition books from the Sydney branch of publisher Kinokuniya. It's an absolute gem, packed with great photos and very detailed maps of the mountains of Eastern Tibet. That means it includes areas such as Kawakarpo, Gongga Shan and Yading. In true Japanese style it is beautifully presented and the 'quality control' is 100%. Mr Nakamura has travelled more than any other explorer in eastern Tibet in the last few decades and this really is a comprehensive summary of his research and filed trips. I will be spending many an hour poring over it and planning new treks. Sadly, as Mr Nakamura makes clear in the introduction, access to the area is now becoming difficult due the increasingly tight controls being applied by the PSB. Please let's hope that is only a temporary situation.

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Unknown said...

Hello! I’ve been looking around for this book to purchase, any chance you’re willing to part with it?