Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yading - should I go back?

Seriously thinking of going back to do the Yading outer kora again next year (May-June). What do you think? Should I go?

Chanadorje by Rolleiflex/Ektachrome:


Unknown said...

I was there for the first time last month for a couple of days. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed some great views and hiking but didn't do any trekking or make it beyond WuSe Hai.

I'd have to imagine, however, that the level of development to someone who hasn't been in years might be overwhelming. There are now hordes of tourists, and the town outside the gate has dozens of hotels. Inside the park there is significant ongoing construction. Take the bus back down from the main park area and you'll wait up to an hour in chaotic queues with many hundreds of other tourists. It was all worth it for me as a first time visitor, but just brace yourself if you haven't been in some time.

mutikonka said...

Thanks Marc. Yes I'm in two minds about going back, but I assume that there will still be few people beyond the concrete track through Luorong. On our last trip round the back of the three peaks we didn't see anyone for the whole five days that we went round. Might do it in more leisurely style this time.