Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yading then and now

I'm trying to get a full account published of all my journeys in Rock's footsteps. I have a manuscript that is being edited with a view to online publication as an e-book and available through sources such as Amazon. It would be nice to include some then-and-now photos to compare how the Tibetan borderlands have changed since Rock's visits in 1927. Here's one example:


Omer said...

So why won't you try pay them what they want, and funding it with KickStarter or the like?
if it's around 10 or 20 grand that you need you might be surprised by how much people would be willing to pay, especially if they get to, for example, a printed special edition.

Tsult81 said...

I agree, try kickstarter.... You can only be left in the same position as now at worst, and at best you create the publication of your dreams