Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Heading down to Buchu valley from Yulongxi Pass

Gongga Shan is hidden in all that cloud. This was the best view we got - and the weather was closing in very quickly. Within half an hour we'd descended into that white mist and didn't see the sky again for four days!


pastiz said...

Anyway, still a great view on a great landscape! I had better luck when I was in Meili Shan last Octobre (fantastic weather for one week), croweded as well, but people in the GH were really friendly and helpful.
Are you still on the road now?
I tried to follow you on Google Maps, but I find it very difficult to find the places. I wish to travel in China again, after Yunnan last time, it will be Sichuan the next time, next spring perhaps.

mutikonka said...

Not on the road any more -this was a brief trip last October. It was actually Plan B as Yading was also terrible weather at that time.

Anonymous said...
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