Monday, September 02, 2013

Random photo: The king of Muli, 1927

From my Muli chapter: 
"The 36-year old Muli king was known as Chote Chaba, - or ‘Hsiang tzu Cheng Cha Pa’ in Chinese. He was a heavy, rotund man with weak muscles - “as he neither exercises nor works”. And yet his manner was “dignified and kind, his laugh gentle and his gestures graceful. The king’s residence, known as the ‘Churah’ was where Rock had taken his portrait photographs of the king using his cumbersome Eastman Kodak box camera mounted on a tripod. The Muli king sat on his throne, posing in his most ceremonial robes, covered with ornate blankets and surrounded by the best furniture and carpets in the palace (and with his three King Charles spaniels shooed away at the last moment).
 In return for taking the portraits, the king rewarded Rock with some bolts of cloth and a rosary bead bracelet that had been wrapped around the king’s left wrist"


A picture taken on my second visit to Muli in 1996

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