Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random photo: staying in a yak herder's tent in a snowstorm

From my account of the Minya Konka trek, 1995: 
" It snowed overnight, but I slept surprisingly well on the floor the yak herder’s tent, thanks to my Thermarest. When I went out of the tent the next morning I was amazed to find myself in a snowy landscape, with clear sky revealing many icy peaks that I hadn’t been able to see with the low mist the day before. The early morning sun lit up the tips of the peaks with orange rays, and as I stamped my feet and pounded my arms by my sides I pitied the horses and yaks for having to have stayed outside overnight in such icy conditions.
I made some porridge for breakfast in the tent, and my hosts made butter tea and rice porridge. Then we saddled up and were on our way up the gentle incline of the valley again."

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