Sunday, August 19, 2012

My book "In the Footsteps of Joseph Rock" is now online

Book cover

Please see the index on the right - you can click to see the whole book (10 chapters, one for each of Joseph Rock's expeditions), or you can click on individual chapters. Hosted by Scribd. Let me know what you think.


John Holmes said...

Glad to be the first to say that it is all gripping stuff, and nice to see it all set out in order.

I've been a fan of the content - and of the blog - since 2004-ish.

Agreed that Muli has an "other-worldly" air, even now.

Well done.....

mutikonka said...

Thanks. I'm now doing some last minute edits and looking for a publisher. Don't know where to start ...

John Holmes said...

Hi Michael, I'm not in publishing, but here are two suggestions,
(in Hong Kong, a lot of China geographical/historical stuff, or - very wide range of published stuff.

Good Luck, wherever you try !

mutikonka said...

Thanks John. I am still correcting the first draft and will give those ones you suggested a try.