Friday, July 20, 2012

Bus travel in western China in 1938

Bus travel in China in 1938, originally uploaded by jiulong.

The beautiful Kodachrome pic above was taken by Carl Mydans in the late 1930s while touring the "Yellow River Front" against the Japanese in Kansu. The drab one below by me taken in 2012 en route from Xining to Ragya, using a Nikon 35Ti and Kodak Ektachrome. Ragya - Lajia monastery (拉加寺), Qinghai And again by Carl Mydans: Bus in Kansu, China, 1938 And 60 years later, a bus breakdown between Dali and Lijiang on our 1998 Muli trip: Travel by bus in China in 1998 - bus breakdown en route to Lijiang from Dali

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