Sunday, January 09, 2005

Kangding in 2004

181495274dbZTpk_ph, originally uploaded by jiulong.

The modern town of Kangding is still squeezed within the narrow valley, but it is now characterised by the ubiquitous Chinese-style high rise apartments. There are also quite a few yuppie property developments and shopping malls going up.

Kangding appears to be thriving, no doubt due to the easier [same day] access from Chengdu via the Erlang Shan tunnel.

There is no sign of the old church, though a new one has been built [see below].


saladbar88 said...

That's an awesome picture. But what happens when it snows? Aren't there avalanches? Wouldn't the avalanches wipe out the entire town? Also, are there even airports in that town? I would imagine that it would be extremely difficult for planes to land there. Regardless, it seems like a nice place to visit.


mutikonka said...

It doesn't snow in and around Kangding - only high up. So no avalanche risk. And because of the steep slopes, no airport.