Tuesday, December 19, 2000

The search for the lost mountain of Muti Konka (麦地贡嘎)

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Anonymous said...

Great Story. Just discovered the blog and it makes me want to travel again, maybe to Mutikonka before they have finished the road.:)



Kelly said...

I agree! What a legend trip! I'd love to visit that part of Sichuan... I've only been in the northern Tibetan part which seems quite different!

mutikonka said...

You can find more practical details, maps, and some easier to get to side trips, in an article I wrote for chinabackpacker.com

Anonymous said...

Feel free to come and check it out if you get time :-)

Unknown said...


Wonderful writing. Can you please link to our website (http://hengduan.huh.harvard.edu/fieldnotes) ? We are doing a botanical inventory in much of the same region where Rock was.
I'm developing a gazetteer of the region so we can do some retrospective georeferencing of Rock's and others' botanical collections. Did you take any GPS readings of the villages, towns, passes in this region?

Thanks much!

mutikonka said...

Hi Susan,

I've added your link. Sorry, but I didn't take any GPS readings on my travels.


Elgar said...

Nice blog, and I love the pictures!