Sunday, December 12, 2004

Jambeyang in 2002

Jambeyang from Luorong, originally uploaded by mutikonka1.

I visited the Yading National Park in Sichuan in spring of 2002. Despite being May we had cold snowy weather - at least the sky was clear!

This picture was taken from Luorong pasture, which has now become a popular camping spot for Chinese visitors. For many years people had tried to reach these peaks from Muli, which involved a difficult hike over the Shuiluo rover canyon and over the mountain pass via Garu.

Now it's all much easier as the Chinese have built a road in from the north, via Litang and Daocheng. The "bandit monastery" of Chonggu Si, once the shelter for a bunch of violent thieves, is now the visitor centre, with a tent hotel run by their succesors.

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